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What is Charshanbe-Soori?

For many, many Iranians the name Charshanbe-Soori is reminder of fireworks and horrible sounds you hear on streets on this day! But what it really is? In plain words, it is the celebration of the last wednesday of the Iranian year. On this night, means on Tuesday's night, Iranians go out, gather with their families and relatives and jump on the fire, a tradition which has been kept from ancient Persia. Charshanbe in Persian means Wednesday and Soori means party.

Some other costumes which are not popular anymore include going from house to house getting refreshments and fruits, standing at crossroads and based on the first words you hear from someone speaking, guessing what you future would be.

These days Iranian youngsters make this night more noisy by firing fireworks and some other explosives!

Why Iranian Girls/Women Are so Beautiful?!

If you type "Why Iranians" in Google search box, these results will apear:
Why Iranians are white?
Why Iranian girls are so beautiful?
Why Iranian women are so beautiful?

My point is that why there's so wonder about female Iranian's beauty?
The answer is maybe they're dark, maybe they know how to wearmake-up, maybe because of their eyes, and many other maybes.
Personally, I only agree on few Iranian gilrs as real beautiful.
Those who don't dye their hair and wear too much make-up and have got white soft skins not tanned bodies.

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